Edicom Servizi is a company of the Edicom Group (Business Network), which was founded in 2010 and has started its activity as a commissioner, guaranteeing the competitiveness of the liquidation operations within the national and international unitary telematic market for judicial sales and proposing itself as a subject specialized in the development of applications dedicated to the judicial administration.

Following the introduction of Law 24/2010, Edicom Services implemented its support services for the sale of assets by means of: execution procedures, concurrency and judicial sequestration; ensuring maximum security in processing data in compliance with ministerial regulations.

The company's technical staff has aligned and upgraded their systems in compliance with current regulations and in compliance with rigid safety parameters so as to make their systems that are already widely tested and tested more reliable and at the same time ensure maximum visibility published auctions.

Legal competence, coupled with experience in procedural and commercial practices, meets the need of the judicial authorities and auxiliaries of the Judges to entrust to a legal entity, such as Edicom Servizi, in possession of the aforesaid requirements, to perform online sales in order to achieve positive results in terms of revenue, while respecting the maximum procedural transparency.

Adaptation to what is provided by Ministerial rule of law.

As provided by Decree 32/2015 "Rules on the technical and operational rules for the sale of movable and immovable property with telematic modalities in the cases provided by the Code of Civil Procedure, pursuant to Article 161-ter of the provisions for 'Implementation of the Code of Civil Procedure', Edicom Servizi is in possession of technical, capital and honor requirements, required for registration on the Register of Managers of Telematics Sales to be established at DGSIA. In particular, Edicom Servizi has already carried out the following:

  •   Activation of a € 3 million policy for capital consequences, however, arising from the conduct of the telemarketing service, necessary to operate in all districts of the Court of Appeal;
  •   Adopting an Operations Manual;
  •   Adoption of a safety plan describing all the measures and arrangements adopted by the operator to ensure the protection of personal data processed through the portal and the security of operations, their integrity, and the availability of services; the plan includes measures for periodically saving data and restoring them in case of data loss and / or loss of data and systems (disaster recovery);
  •   Conformity of the portal with the technical requirements referred to in Articles 10 and 11 of Law 9 January 2004, no. 4 and the decree of 8 July 2005 of the Minister for Innovation and Technology, published in the Official Gazette 8 August 2005, no. 183, as well as the Decree of the President of the Republic of March 1, 2005, no. 75.